Featured Work

"It Comes at Night" an A24 Production.

Directed By: Trey Edward Shults

Sound Mixer: Dimitri Kouri

Boom Operator: Sam Weiner

Short films for The New Yorker.

A selection of sketches for The New Yorker website.

"Frank and Lamar" An IFC Series.

Created By: Carl Foreman Jr. and Anthony Gaskins

"Marina and Nicco"

An ongoing sketch series featuring comedy duo Marina Tempelsman and Nicco Aeed.

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Previous Work

  • True Entertainment

  • Animal Planet

  • Microsoft

  • Scholastic

  • Macy's

  • Columbia University

  • ESPN

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  • Event Resources

  • Nike

  • Philips Razors

  • JBL Headphones

  • Porsche

  • IFC

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  • Handsome Dancer

  • Samsung Mobile

  • Function: Science/Tech

  • Kohl's

  • Home Depot

  • Noble by Noble

  • Funny or Die

  • Amazon

"Handsome Dancer"

Assortment of sketches written by and featuring comedians James Manzello and Matt Pavich.

"Soojung Dreams of Fiji"

In this documentary satire, first generation Korean-American Soojung Yoon, a renowned nail salon owner, elevates her craft to an art form.